OGA Podcast 9 is up

The next podcast is up. It’s a good one give a listen and tell us what you think. email us at The OffGridAthlete@gmail.com or if you have questions or something you want us to review or talk about.

For a list of places that give veterans free meals click the link below
To support Wounded Veterans go to

What would you do?

What would you do if this was moving into your town, your neighborhood or your home? Slow moving water you can’t stop, you can’t sand bag high enough. What would you do? what would you grab, take with you? Where would you go? Remember there is no electricity, so no gas stations what you have in the tank or stored away is what you got. This isn’t just a what if situation or question. This was a reality for the people of South Carolina most of them lost everything. The closer they were to the Lumberton River the faster it happened. It was a matter of life or death you have minutes to grab what you can and leave. What would you do? We will get into this more on our next podcast #6 coming this weekend.flooding


Tip of the Week 8/10/15

Tip of the Week:

Essentials for Survival Kit Version 2.0 continuation to last weeks Survival Kit 1.0

If you have the extra space and the room in your pack. It maybe a good idea to add these items to your list.

Axe or machete
Knife and sharpener
Sleeping bag
Lightweight tent
Warm Clothes
Rain water collecting kit
Mess Kit – Small pots for cooking


Tip of the Week 7/31/15

Survival Kit 1.0 – (keep in mind this can change depending on your situation)

First Aid Kit
Duck Tape
Cotton ball tinder
Flint, lighter, matches
ibuprofen, acheimephines.
Water filter/iodine or purification tablets
Fishing kit
Can opener


Camping, Hiking, outdoor workouts

We will host Outdoor workouts, “Off Grid” (No Machines) workouts. We get together and promote a healthy lifestyle for people who want to be active and enjoy mother nature. No we are not tree hugging hippies(not that there is anything wrong with them) but the outdoor world is a big beautiful place and we just want to get out and see it.